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Northumberland Social Justice Award

Northumberland Social Justice Award

In 2016, one of the two agencies that we govern, The Northumberland Community Legal Centre celebrated twenty-five years of serving the low-income citizens of Northumberland County.

To commemorate this milestone, we established a new award: The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland Social Justice Award. As the attached document details, each year, we will consider recognizing a youth/youth group (25 years of age or under) in Northumberland County who:

  • Has dedicated/is dedicating time and energy to making positive social change and building a more just and equal society and/or
  • Has worked/is working effectively to change those social situations, public attitudes, structures or policies which cause people to be excluded, impoverished or disempowered and/or
  • Has served/is serving as a leader, innovator, or supporter of social justice-related work, locally or beyond (provincially, nationally) and/or
  • Has advocated/is advocating for the rights and needs of low-income populations and/or
  • Has demonstrated/is demonstrating a commitment to improving the lives of low-income residents of Northumberland

Successful candidates will be presented with a cheque for $500.00 at our Annual General Meeting, held each year in September. The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland will also choose an adult who has made a significant contribution to the cause of social justice to present the award to the youth or youth group, thereby having one generation pass on the torch to the next.

Click here for the Nomination form and submission instructions.


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