Thank You to All of Our Donors

We would like to give our thanks to everyone that has donated to The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland. We appreciate our donors so much because donations means that we can keep doing what we do in this community.

This post is a token of our appreciation.

Attached is a poster which has an image of many hands, palms-up, with a red heart painted in the middle and the following text that reads: Last year, your donations combined with support from our major funders, helped us to provide over 4000 people with legal advice from the Northumberland Legal Centre and provide over 9000 units of service from the Help Centre, for free, including: Filing over 20 Indian Day School Settlement Claims, attending over 100 Landlord Tenant Board Hearings, launching a new program on Sexual Harassment and the Workplace, Filing over 1200 income tax returns for clients, helping more than 20 Canadian newcomers integrate into our community, helping over 250 clients look for stable and affordable housing, and providing over 1000 services in Energy Supports and money management.
And with your continued support we are moving into a new season of promise for all.