Money Management 


Need Help With Your Budget?

No Idea Where Your Money Goes?

This program strives to reduce barriers to resources and income supports. This is accomplished through financial literacy and counselling services, including money management counselling, credit counselling and post-bankruptcy counselling, as well as assistance with completion of disability and other government or private assistance forms.

Through this program The Help Centre increases the ability to manage financial crises by empowering individuals to create their own budget with the tools to effectively manage on a low income.

Our budgeting program includes:

  • Individual help for as long as needed
  • Action plan
  • Personalized budget
  • Information on reducing utility costs
  • Tips on managing your money
  • Helpful community resource referrals

If you need help to create your own personal budget, please contact Karin Cummings at 905-372-2646 or email her at



This project is funded in part
by the Government of Canada.