Landlord Liaison

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Do you need help finding housing in Northumberland County?

Housing First approach is the provision of secure, stable, and sustainable housing within our community.

Private market landlords are critical to providing this kind of housing and are considered an “essential partner” in the Housing First approach. Strong connections to landlords are important where affordable housing options are limited. Creating a strong strategy to engage local landlords to work together to address homelessness in our community is the basis of our Landlord Engagement Strategy.

Our Landlord Engagement Strategy consists of the Landlord Liaison and the Housing Support Worker.

Our Landlord Liaison is actively recruiting Landlords that wish to participate within our program to provide affordable housing to all within the community.

The Landlord Liaison will assist with:

  • Landlord/Tenant relations
  • Landlord Education of Homelessness
  • Provide information on available resources

If you require further assistance finding  housing in Northumberland please contact Mirri at 905-372-2646 or send her an email.