Last year, The Help Centre assisted 2200+ residents of Northumberland County to file their 2015 Income Tax Return.  Providing this free service to low income individuals and families provides the means for them to receive provincial and federal tax credits.  As a result 5.1 million dollars in the form of income tax refunds, child tax benefits, GST and Provincial rebates came back to our communities .  This year The Help Centre is looking for volunteer tax preparers to assist with our income tax preparation program.  Persons with experience in preparing basic electronic returns are needed.  If completing tax returns isn’t your forte, we also need individuals to assist with the collection of the personal data needed to complete a return.  A high degree of awareness of the need to protect client information is expected.   A police check is required.  The program for the 2016 tax year will run from the last week of February through April 30th.  Please send a message to  with your contact information and a brief description of your experience and knowledge.  Alternatively, call the Help Centre at 905-372-2646 to talk to the Tax Coordinator.