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How The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland Operates

The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland (THLCN) promotes social justice, equity, and the right to self-determination through two sister agencies: The Help Centre (THC) and the Northumberland Community Legal Centre (NCLC).

THLCN helps the unemployed and disadvantaged residents of Northumberland County get help for the real-world problems of low-income people.

  • THC provides programs in Income Security, Housing Security, Seniors’ needs, etc.
  • NCLC provides clients with legal advice and representation in common areas of the law related to income, employment and housing.
  • Where there is a gap in services for low-income County residents, THLCN strives to create innovative programs to fill those gaps.

The services offered by both agencies are available over the phone or in person at our main office, in satellite offices throughout Northumberland County, and if necessary, in the client’s home. Regardless of which agency is contacted first, staff makes sure that the client has access to any appropriate program offered by either agency.

Services are free and confidential. Walk-ins are welcome. Toll-free calling is available, and collect calls are accepted by either agency.

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, The Help Centre and Legal Centre of Northumberland makes every effort to ensure that services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. Please notify a member of our staff if you require any accommodations to meet your individual needs.

Board of Directors

Directors provide a vital service by offering a community voice to The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland to help set its goals and priorities for client services. The individuals listed below are members of the current Board of Directors.

Term 2022-2024

John Bell
Beth Bellaire
Ashley Bouman
Mary Catherine O’Neill
Jennifer Weeks

Term 2023-2025

Laurie Carr
Margaret Kerr
Charity Meiklejohn
Charlotte Monardo
Carolin Sweig
Karin Wells

Executive Staff

Patricia Kamphorst, Executive Director, The Help Centre
The Help Centre is led by our Executive Director, Patricia Orantes Kamphorst. To learn more about Patricia, and her experience in moving to Canada, please watch her video below.


Lois Cromarty, Executive Director, Northumberland Community Legal Centre
The Northumberland Community Legal Centre is led by our Executive Director, Lois Cromarty. Read more about Lois below.

Lois Cromarty Receives Legal Aid Ontario’s Sidney B. Linden Award for 2021
February 15, 2022

Community Partners

The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland seeks to bring about its mission in partnership with the Northumberland United Way, Legal Aid Ontario, and Northumberland Labour Council, as well as other organizations which share in the beliefs and vision of the organization.

United Way Northumberland
Legal Aid Ontario
Northumberland Labour Council

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