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Family Law Resource Sheet Northumberland (PDF)

Criminal Law Resource Sheet (PDF)

When a loved one dies (PDF)

Landlord and Tenant Sample Letters and Forms (PDF)

Emergency Resources (PDF)


Demographics on Northumberland County

Done by Public Interest (using 2006 and 2011 Stats Can information).


Public Interest Strategy & Communications
340 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1H4
Main office: 416-531-5192
Web: | Twitter: @_PublicInterest

1 map on Aboriginal population - View
3 maps on age - 0-17, 18-64, 65+
2 gender maps - Male, Female
2 language maps (allophone & francophone)

4 maps on household composition
-Families with Children, Families without Children, Lone Parent Families, Single Person Families
2 population maps - Total Population, Population Growth
2 immigration maps - Total Immigrants, Recent Immigrants
1 unemployment map - View

3 maps on government transfers (EI, Workers’ comp, social assistance)
1 map on Low Income population - View
1 excel doc with tax filer data (which is government transfers and low income from 2012)
1 excel doc with census data (which is where the rest of the data comes from)

Please note that some of the census data is from 2006 and some is from 2011. This is due to the removal of the long-form census, and therefore some data (like immigration, Aboriginal and unemployment) will be less accurate because of how old the data is.