How the Northumberland Legal Centre can help you?

We know these are trying times for employers and employees in the Province of Ontario, and we understand that mandated closures are negatively affecting your employment and your business. We understand how difficult these times are for you all.  We would like to assist you during this crisis if possible. As many of you are aware, the Northumberland Community Legal Centre provides free legal assistance and advice to residents in Northumberland County. We have recently received funding from Justice Canada to co-ordinate a project on Sexual Harassment in the workplace. The primary focus in our project is on providing legal information and advice to the victims of workplace harassment, but we do recognize that educating employers and assisting them in complying with Provincial legislation is important as well.  As such, we are providing presentations to workplaces throughout Northumberland County providing legal information to both employees and employers on their rights and responsibilities with respect to this issue and the issues related to employment insurance.

We would be pleased to provide such a presentation via skype or over the telephone to you and/or your staff should you think it relevant. We can also work with you to determine logistics and how we can help you make this happen. Such a presentation can be done in about 20 to 30 minutes and can be crafted to suit your particular workplace.  

Please call us if you would be interested in such a presentation at (905) 373-4464 or 1(800) 850-7882.