At Noon hour meet up at 117 Peter Street on Sidewalk in front of Northumberland-Peterborough South MPP office of David Piccini Please Bring your own mask , hand sanitizer and sign.


Home Care

The Ford government is attempting to push through a terrible new law that would restructure & privatize home & community care (and hospital care) in the midst of a pandemic, when we and dozens of other public interest groups and even home care providers, have called for the law to be delayed or withdrawn.

Long Term care

• At the same time, the government has done nothing to deal with the full-blown emergency of short staffing in long-term care homes that have been devastated in the pandemic.

Class action Suits

• This week they are also trying to push through a new law limiting peoples’ ability to launch class action suits against private corporations and government to hold them liable for the deaths and harm that have occurred, including in long-term care.

We are Running Out of Time

• We need real action urgently to improve wages, working conditions and to require a minimum of 4-hours of care per resident each day in long-term care homes to protect residents and staff from further harm.

• We do not need terrible laws that benefit private corporations against the public interest, railroaded through in a pandemic.

The conditions of work are the conditions of care in health care.

To that end we are quickly planning rallies across the province which would include a rally the Northumberland-Peterborough South M.P.P. office in Port Hope for next week . ( One of our concerns includes Bill 175 which is scheduled to be passed next week, so we are in a timely situation) If we do nothing, we won’t make a difference.

It would be great to have a car rally too, for those interested in participating. WE will have some window chalk available to write messages on car windows .

Of course we would like everyone to socially distance and to wear masks.

More info to come

Contact person: if you have any questions, please feel free to PM Linda MacKenzie-Nicholas

Steering Committee
Northumberland Coalition for Social Justice