Northumberland Social Justice Award

This award recognizes a youth or youth group who has dedicated time and energy to the cause of social justice and has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of low-income residents of Northumberland.

In 2017, Emerrie Geddes was the recipient of the award. Emerrie, a recent graduate of St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School, was a member of that school’s Social Justice club for all her years there. During that time, she provided leadership in homelessness initiatives, organized poverty lunches to raise awareness, and worked with STOP – Students Together Opposing Poverty. Emerrie is presently attending the Royal Canadian Military College, and she plans to follow her passion and commitment to social justice wherever this path might take her.

This year’s presenter was Doug Lloyd. Doug, a founding member of the organization, is still active as a fund-raiser extraordinaire. Those of you who have attended the annual golf tournament have experienced his expertise in putting on a successful event. Both during his working career and now in retirement, Doug has always supported the cause of social justice.

Finally, thank you, once again, to John Foley, owner of Foodland in Cobourg, who generously donated the funds to cover this award.

Honourary mention also went to the “Talent of Many” youth group from the Brookside Youth Centre. Having been given a grant for a previous achievement, this group decided to use their award to support disadvantaged women worldwide through KIVA, an international non-profit organization which “connects people through lending to alleviate poverty.” The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland provided a further donation towards their loan fund so that the group’s members could continue to have a positive influence on others’ lives.



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